Better late than never…

Dear Youngbloodites,

So, undoubtedly many have clicked the “blog” link at the top of the Youngblood page (which is by the way) and was brought to a page that basically said “Thanks for clicking, suckers. There is nothing here.” Well, I’m happy to announce that something is here now and the content will continue to flow.

“What can I expect from the blog?” you ask yourself. Well true believers, the blog will give us a chance to talk a bit about the show more in depth about our shows, projects, and ourselves than we would be able to on our main website or our Facebook fan page. We really feel like you should have the opportunity get to know “the band” that is the ensemble behind Youngblood and putting on the productions that you (hopefully) see.

This is that opportunity.

Thrilling, I know. Hopefully entertaining at the very least.

Expect content from the core company (myself, Voss, Tess, Ben, and Rich), as well as from some of the artists in and around our productions. We hope this can be an extension of the theatrical experience, or a 5 min habitual diversion in your day. Either way enjoy!


Michael Cotey, Artistic Director


One response to “Better late than never…”

  1. Rich says :

    Love that pick. Forgot it was taken (or didn’t realize the camera was out).

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