After an amazing run of Spirits to Enforce…

So Youngblood is going to the fringe in the great state of Minnesota. The play is looking better with each time I slog through it! Those of us who are passing it around are getting more and more excited of going to Minneapolis in a season other than Minnesota Winter. We should have some regular blog updates as we push though the summer. But while you’re following our blogs religiously with yer damn Twitters, and facebooks, and RSS feeds, check out our fellow artists at Bad Soviet Habits and their blog. They’re going halfway ’round Prague with their play Heart of a Dog so keep tabs on them!

And check our their show at MOCT bar next week at Friday, May 21 @ 7:00PM, Admission is free so you’d be a sucker not to. I’ll be there this Friday and you should be too.

On a different topic, Evan Crain, the Youngblood resident Set Designer, has dropped off a couple of paintings that are against the wall of my apartment.

Perhaps they’ll be hanging on my my walls soon. This’ll make Andrew Voss happy with the lack of interior design at my place.

As you can see, it’s a pretty barren place.

And my sister graduated this past saturday from MIAD! Happy days. She’s a fellow BFAer.


2 responses to “After an amazing run of Spirits to Enforce…”

  1. clickerbug says :

    ooh, thanks for linking to me, but the “official” BSH blog is here:

    but you can keep my blog linked too. Just say it’s the one the Stage Manager is writing.


  2. benjameswilson says :

    fixed! thanks!

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