After a run and A&W fueled trip to the twin cites, involving a poor beat up Hombre pickup truck, a fruitless search for filthy truck stops/hats, and a detour/wrong turn that led to a cool dam and a weird rock formation, I’m sitting in the hotel about to head to teh fringe bar a couple of blocks away.

Thank you to everyone who made it to see the show this past couple of weeks. It’s summer and it’s hot, and there was a storm that hit our city that was foretold by the book of revelations. So everyone who got out to see us perform our show, thank you. And a special thank you to those who gave blood. You did us proud.

As soon as Andrew gets out of the shower, we’re heading over to the bar. I’ll do my best to keep blogging about what goes on here, including details of our trip up here with pictures and the like.  Stay tuned.


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