Where is the Fringe?

Where's the Fringe?

El Hombre

Andrew and I left a day early for twin cities because we wanted to get the set out without any problems and find some places to go to promote our show.

Last night, we check into the hotel, try out the cranberry wine we got while on the road at a weird cheese place. Andrew didn’t mind it. I wasn’t the biggest fan. Sure was fun getting it. Imagine this guy riding this truck, walking in the cheese place.

It had an orchestral version of “My heart will go on.” And we’re standing there looking like the worst product of West Alles. And we’re going,


ANDREW: Look at this.

BEN: Do you think it’d be too sweet?

ANDREW: No, it’s got like the chart right here- oh they have mango. Would you get the mango or kiwi?

BEN: I would get the Kiwi over the mango.


By this point we realized how ridiculous we look. We got them anyway as well as some cheese curds.

Down the road, we saw the exact farmhouse that I was thinking about for Drive Me to Arson. I wasn’t able to take a picture, but maybe on the way back.

At some point, went down the wrong road and were headed to Wausau. We figured it out and headed down 21 to get back on track. Found a couple of weird gems on the way up to and including what I later to find out as ship rock. http://bit.ly/aDH6Ub

There was also this town called Necdah and there was a bridge and it looked like a pretty little quiet town with a long humble American history. But there was a Napa auto parts in the old building by the river.

We also stop at a rest stop that is supposed to have this awesome view. And it did. I guess. But it was a really long walk to get there and I’m pretty sure there were trolls under the bridge. This is the view that was promised.

I guess it's pretty.

We get to the hotel, check in, then head out to find the Fringe area bar. Bedlam is closed. The packet has lied to us. We go to a nearby bar and no one knows a thing about a fringe. We go to another and still nothing. This is really weird. I can look out the hotel window and I see a whole bunch of theatres around the West Bank up to and including a Theatre in the Round and Mixed Blood.

Yet no one knows about the fringe here right now. We went to Arcadia, Nomad, some place across the street, no one seems to know anything. We handed out a few cards put some out in a few locations, but it was a bit discouraging. We’ll try again today.

Woke up this morning and got breakfast a a place called The Weinery and now we’re back getting ready to head out. . We’re going to check out and head downtown then to the Guthrie or something like that. I don’t know when or how, but I have a feeling we’re going to see Streetcar Named Desire while we’re here. It’s at the Guthrie and I wanna wanna see it.

Andrew thinks  that my leg looks broken in this picture. I disagree.

The rest of the group is looking to be here  today around six. Then it’s off to the host family.  Tomorrow, we tech for the fringe. Oh my god tomorrow we tech for the fringe. I have honestly no idea what to expect in the next forty-eight hours. And Andrew is going to buy a video camera. He just told me.  Then he fell back asleep.


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