out of towner showcase/ Drive me to Sinkhole

Last night was amazing. Check in for the out of towner showcase was at 6:00 PM. After a bunch of moving around trying to get organized we got there just in time and we spent the next hour having drinks and talk to people until the show started at 730. Basically, a bunch of people who have travelled to Minneapolis had five minutes to show what their show was about to a bunch of ENTHUSIASTIC fringers who, like a Star Trek Convention, gather to hoot and holler and cheer for the new blood participating in the festival. I was nervous as hell. I felt like I was taking my cow to market.
I get very nervous quickly. It’s not the best quality about me. A lot of horrid “what ifs” go through my head. “What if they don’t think it’s funny?” “What if they boo the show offstage?” “What if, in the middle of the show the heavens open up and angels descend on the theatre and strike me down for my Youngblood ways?” Things like that.
The scene went really well. People loved our piece. But the heavens did open up. Again.

Drive Me to Arson opened to torrential rains that drowned the city of Milwaukee. After we opened and the house was leaving the building, we were getting these crazy reports that I-43 was closed. Downer and Oakland had huge floods that were taking out cars. Gridlock everywhere and people are stranded. And a huge sinkhole opened up not fifty yards from where I live. We go outside and there is no rain falling. The streets are desolate. My truck seems fine and it starts. Lighting is flashing all over the place. And all you can really hear from a normally loud east side was sirens off in the distance. Holy Crap.

We’re driving back to my apartment and slowly we see crazy random damage. Two cars collided for no apparent reason in the middle of the street. WE energy trucks scattered here and there with people shouting orders at each other. Cop cars all over the place. Two more cars have collided. We get to my place and there is this huge sinkhole with cops all around it. I could hear the Escalade’s engine but I could not SEE it.  This is how it looks the next morning.

The view from my apartment the morning after opening night of Drive Me to Arson

Flash forward to last night. Um… Well. during the act where I scene was scheduled,  torrential rains hit the city with huge gusts of winds and one of the umbrellas on the roof of Bedlam snapped and flew off into the evening sky. Tommy thinks my play is cursed. I really can’t … disagree.

Opening is tonight. The weather forecast looks good. It’s gonna go so well, a sinkhole’s going to form outside the Guthrie.


One response to “out of towner showcase/ Drive me to Sinkhole”

  1. clickerbug says :

    REALLY???? Torrential rains?? Where was I?? Oh yeah, riveted to the showcase. Whooping and hollering, laughing and clapping. Oblivious to the outside world.

    You guys really did do well. Nothing at all to be nervous about. TOTALLY a fringe-perfect show from what I saw. Can’t wait to see it tomorrow night!

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