Fringe. Is. Opened.


This morning was a tad more relaxing than those before. Most of us woke up around ten or so and we kind of went our seperate ways. Andrew went off to get the zippo butane lighter parts that he needed, Tess, Rich and Tommy went for a bike ride, and Grace, Dave, Lillian and I found ourselves in the American Indian Cultural Corridor. We were talking to a shop owner and he was telling us about the large Native population they have in Minneapolis and, specifically, in the area of Franklin Ave. I knew there was a large population, but I didn’t know that it was so concentrated in one little area. There were shops, clinics, a few headquarters of tribal agencys and the Cultural Community center. We headed over there where there was a small café area. We got some frybread.

So good. And filling like crazy. They were out of taco meat which was sad, but frybread and honey’s still good.

We went back to the house where we slept off the food.

Andrew’s working on making that damn zippo work for us. We didn’t get it totally working but We should have it for the next show.

Oh yeah. We had our first show. Holy crap! So get this. A dumpster caught on fire outside our theatre. A dumpster CAUGHT ON FIRE.  For our show DRIVE ME TO ARSON. Someone must have thrown a cigarette in there or something. I’m in the space and the cast’s like, “Ben come look at this! I look outside and I see this:

How am I as a writer supposed to do this circumstance justice? I ask you, how?

As I stare at this, a yellow Dave says in my ear, “I did it for you, Ben.”

I was half expecting cops to interrupt the show asking how committed we actually were to our art.

The show went really well. We had a small house but that was okay. We’re first day on a thursday and we’re getting momentum. We’ve head really really good things about our show from a lot of different people so I’m feeing good about this. Yesterday, I was really nervous about bringing the cow to market. After today, I’m feeling really damn good about my cow.

The actors with Lillian before our first run.


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