Things settling down a bit.

Things have slowed down a bit. For the past few days, Our routine has been meandering around in the morning, hocking the show in the afternoon a show in the evening, then going seeing a show, or going or Bedlam at night.

Youngblood met Carson Kreitzer te other day. She wrote Freakshow and she was a really cool person.  She had drinks with us the next evening after our show.  We now have some more really great ideas of what we want to do with the next Youngblood play.

I’m winding a bit down from the updating this thing. It’s been a weird past few days but we’re all doing well. The show is going well. Our audiences have been growing. Last show a volunteer’s cell phone went off right in the middle of the show right outside the theatre door. Everyone could hear it. I had to leave the theatre and find her. She was banging on her cell phone as it was beeping, going… “I don’t know what to do with it! It’s never done this before!”

I’ll post a few more topics, a few more pictures over the next few days. Right now, most of the cast is heading back to Milwaukee for a couple of days of working. They’ll be back on Wednesday. I’ll be walking around, seeing many shows.

Here are a few photo shoot pictures from the Milwaukee run.


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