Back in Action

Last night was our second rehearsal for Red Light Winter. It’s crazy how much people remember from the last run of the show. There were a couple of places here and there where we had to stop and investigate what the blocking was, but it’s pretty much all there. We are keeping, as of now, most of the blocking. I feel like we are going to see things that could be improved upon as we work the show more but actors are remembering lines from last year. They’re even emphasizing the same things. Maybe this is how a remounting is.

To be honest, when I was making the rehearsal schedule, I was a a tad worried that we were not giving ourselves enough time. We blocked half the play last night. The other half will be blocked tonight. So, knock on wood, it’s going really well.

Very often actors will look back on shows they did a month ago or a year ago and they think to themselves, “You know, I wish I had another chance to do that one show I would have done this differently and I would have done this and that.” I know I though that. This time we get the chance to do it again. It’s a unique experience. It’s hard to describe the feeling we had last night before we began. It was this mix of nostalgia and excitement. Then we got to work.

For whatever reason, here's a picture of my sister's dog with a cone on its head.


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