Slumming it in the theatre like some third-class peasant

We rented a U-Haul, drove to the Lincoln Storage Warehouse where we did Freakshow and started to load platforms and lumber out of the building with these pallet mover dealies. It was awkward but we got creative in how to balance weight.


On to the Alchemist, where we are doing the show. It’s hard to describe how I felt. The last time I stood on that stage we were doing the fundraiser for Jason and Andrew. I have a feeling I’m going to be feeling this a lot throughout the next month. Random pangs of deja vu. I want to use the word nostalgia but that isn’t appropriate because there is nothing to really feel nostalgic about. Right? It’s all happening again. Before the stabbing, the whole experience of directing for the first time was really scary and thrilling. After every rehearsal I was asking Grace, you know, “Did I make sense? Is this going well? Am I sucking? Am I sucking? Tell me if I’m sucking.” Not so much now. I’m really comfortable right now about how the show is going. So things are different. But nostalgic? I don’t know. I hope others are feeling it too.

platforms and lumber soon to be a set.

These are a couple of load in pics from my crappy camera on my phone. I’ll do better next time. After that we visited a couple of Value Villages for beds and also found a better cassette player. Yahtzee.

We  blocked the second part of the show and now we’re doing runs and getting into memorization. Going well. After rehearsal I had the cast watch the movie Shortbus. I wanted them to see it to give them a new outlook on sexuality onstage and basically to have a discussion on sex and art. I think it was a good decision. We had a good discussion.

Next day got a bed from the Value Village at Riverwest. This one of my favorite parts of doing a show the Youngblood way. “We need a bed. Time to go to Value Village and start looking. Oh look. A tape player. Yoink! Maybe that dumpster has something we can use.”

That and after rehearsals. We have a pretty good time after rehearsals.


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