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and in the thick of fringe…

Some things go on. Wheels turn. Progress continues.

@ltdanchoi: Today we all celebrate the enduring power of our Constitution, Equality, and Love. @amerequalrights #prop8

a recent tweet: @ltdanchoi: Today we all celebrate the enduring power of our Constitution, Equality, and Love. @amerequalrights #prop8

And from Rachel Maddow: “In general, when you ask for a majority rules vote on minority rights, you get results like what we’ve seen on the gay marriage issue. 31 out of 31 times, in 31 out of 31 states, voters voted it down. But here’s the thing about rights: they’re not actually supposed to be voted on. That’s why they’re called rights.”


One more step towards Youngblood’s Pabst Thrust.

Oh my god, where to I begin? Okay, we left the hotel, checked out and went to the truck where I talked to a representative of the public parking structure who had no idea what she was talking about. We decide to fake losing the parking pass to avoid paying double. Andrew and I then head out to the light rail leaving little images and David Rothrock wherever we go.

"If we get lost, just follow the little Rothrocks back home!"

Our first stop is the Guthrie where we go on our own little tour of the gigantic theatre complex. I was there last spring so I know what to look for but Andrew goes nuts in how big and beautiful the place is.

We also find out that we can get $20 seats to Streetcar Named Desire. Good to know.

After the Guthrie, we both went on the light rail in a small exploration of the city. We made our way to uptown throwing up cards lefts and right. We got off the bus all dehydrated and weak right in front of Sebastian Joe’s. I ate there the last time I was here and it was über awesome. We get some ice cream, drink their water, throw some cards on the table and walk around uptown. After finding the Garage Theatre and diving into a thrift store, we head back on the bus downtown and to the University.

After asking a few people which bus to get on and transferring of busses, we get to the university and find ourselves the Rarig Center. So, we got the small business cards because they fit into people’s pockets and they can be handed out easy. They fit into people’s wallets and I prefer them to the post cards. But EVERYONE else here has the big postcards thereby dwarfing ours. I think I go a big creative on how to display ours.

I was talking to a few people and all I need to do is revisit the table and do a little maintience to our show’s “Display”. Not a big deal. Thinking too much into it? I don’t think so.

We talked around the theatre complex. It’s this multi level complex with a nice looking lobby. We didn’t go into any spaces, as people could be doing tech work, but we kinda mapped out what we wanted to do as far as the load in.

We get back the truck, feign losing the ticket so we don’t have to pay for two days of storage, and head out to the host family: two guys that are really nice and warm. This looks like this will work out great. We unload the truck, unpack ourtucff just in time for the rest of the group to get there. Rich, Dave, Tess, Grace, Tommy, and Lillian. As soon as we get there, Andre, Tommy, and I head off to the Guthrie to catch Streetcar.

Great show. Blanche was freakin’ awesome. Stella was fantastic. Stanley? Not so much. He had good moments, but overall, he wasn’t the best. The play was three hours long. I got a coffee at intermission and I think I am going to do that as much as possible. Sitting in a theatre watching actors and drinking coffee just is like.. a great evening. Made me all warm ‘n content ‘n such.

After the show, we head out to Bedlam for the third time hoping it would be open. And It was. And it was awesome. The whole feel to the place. It’s hard to describe. Like a red interior with beer on tap and random theatre people laughing at the bar talking about lights and load ins. The ambiance was like.. a decaying theatre that was taken over by bohemians. Wonderful. We go up to the patio to see a wonderful view of the city. It’s a really nice place.

We head back looking for a decent route to get back to the host family. Light rail and a transfer to the 4 except the next four bus doesn’t run for another hour. We go into a gay bar that is not Gay 90s. The other one there. I don’t even remember the name. Have a drink, get to the bus stop. Listen to a drunk salesman’s sad story of getting out of detox, ad head back home.

Around 9:00 AM we were in load in.

And at ten we had the tech.

Two… major areas of concern: The show has zippo lighters that are lit. We can’t have open flame on stage with zippos ’cause if they drop it, they don’t go out. We have been told that if we can rig a zippo with a bic lighter, then we can do it. Andrew’s on it. It anyone can jury rig a zippo with a bic, he can.

The other major area of concern is the show has an hour slot with lights going up at the sixty minute mark. The show is fifty-seven minutes long. We have a three minute window. I’m going to be freakin’ out if the lights go up and awkwardness ensues. Cue pickup. And if I have to cut a line here and there we will. I don’t want to do that, but we’ll take the hurdles as they come. We got this far, right?

After some more publicity in Dinkytown, and a trip to the Guthrie for Dave to see, we are resting for an hour or two. We head out for the fringe showcase at six. No idea what to expect. It seems like the thing could be a bit of a clusterfuck. They have a number of out of town companies performing snippets of their show. It’ll be fun, I think. Just enjoy the absurdity if it comes to that.

Tomorrow, we open. We open the fringe. Holy crap.

Where is the Fringe?

Where's the Fringe?

El Hombre

Andrew and I left a day early for twin cities because we wanted to get the set out without any problems and find some places to go to promote our show.

Last night, we check into the hotel, try out the cranberry wine we got while on the road at a weird cheese place. Andrew didn’t mind it. I wasn’t the biggest fan. Sure was fun getting it. Imagine this guy riding this truck, walking in the cheese place.

It had an orchestral version of “My heart will go on.” And we’re standing there looking like the worst product of West Alles. And we’re going,


ANDREW: Look at this.

BEN: Do you think it’d be too sweet?

ANDREW: No, it’s got like the chart right here- oh they have mango. Would you get the mango or kiwi?

BEN: I would get the Kiwi over the mango.


By this point we realized how ridiculous we look. We got them anyway as well as some cheese curds.

Down the road, we saw the exact farmhouse that I was thinking about for Drive Me to Arson. I wasn’t able to take a picture, but maybe on the way back.

At some point, went down the wrong road and were headed to Wausau. We figured it out and headed down 21 to get back on track. Found a couple of weird gems on the way up to and including what I later to find out as ship rock.

There was also this town called Necdah and there was a bridge and it looked like a pretty little quiet town with a long humble American history. But there was a Napa auto parts in the old building by the river.

We also stop at a rest stop that is supposed to have this awesome view. And it did. I guess. But it was a really long walk to get there and I’m pretty sure there were trolls under the bridge. This is the view that was promised.

I guess it's pretty.

We get to the hotel, check in, then head out to find the Fringe area bar. Bedlam is closed. The packet has lied to us. We go to a nearby bar and no one knows a thing about a fringe. We go to another and still nothing. This is really weird. I can look out the hotel window and I see a whole bunch of theatres around the West Bank up to and including a Theatre in the Round and Mixed Blood.

Yet no one knows about the fringe here right now. We went to Arcadia, Nomad, some place across the street, no one seems to know anything. We handed out a few cards put some out in a few locations, but it was a bit discouraging. We’ll try again today.

Woke up this morning and got breakfast a a place called The Weinery and now we’re back getting ready to head out. . We’re going to check out and head downtown then to the Guthrie or something like that. I don’t know when or how, but I have a feeling we’re going to see Streetcar Named Desire while we’re here. It’s at the Guthrie and I wanna wanna see it.

Andrew thinks  that my leg looks broken in this picture. I disagree.

The rest of the group is looking to be here  today around six. Then it’s off to the host family.  Tomorrow, we tech for the fringe. Oh my god tomorrow we tech for the fringe. I have honestly no idea what to expect in the next forty-eight hours. And Andrew is going to buy a video camera. He just told me.  Then he fell back asleep.


After a run and A&W fueled trip to the twin cites, involving a poor beat up Hombre pickup truck, a fruitless search for filthy truck stops/hats, and a detour/wrong turn that led to a cool dam and a weird rock formation, I’m sitting in the hotel about to head to teh fringe bar a couple of blocks away.

Thank you to everyone who made it to see the show this past couple of weeks. It’s summer and it’s hot, and there was a storm that hit our city that was foretold by the book of revelations. So everyone who got out to see us perform our show, thank you. And a special thank you to those who gave blood. You did us proud.

As soon as Andrew gets out of the shower, we’re heading over to the bar. I’ll do my best to keep blogging about what goes on here, including details of our trip up here with pictures and the like.  Stay tuned.

More Show Images

As Youngblood’s facebook page is to be updated, I’m going to throw out a few of the other images we have for the show. The last post was a photo shoot we did about a month back  for the purposes of the Minnesota Fringe festival. Usually we have a painting image or something to that effect for our posters and the majority of out advetising like this one here:

Great stuff, and wickedly apropos to the text. However, it doesn’t bode well for newspapers and the like for publicity.  So, we did a little photo shoot thingy for ourselves. With the help of Talented Megan Peters for photography, we aquired ourselves a decent selection of images to choose from.

Kinda cool, eh?

And the show opens in like… three weeks.

Our Next New Play.

Drive Me To Arson
Exctied? Yes I am.

After an amazing run of Spirits to Enforce…

So Youngblood is going to the fringe in the great state of Minnesota. The play is looking better with each time I slog through it! Those of us who are passing it around are getting more and more excited of going to Minneapolis in a season other than Minnesota Winter. We should have some regular blog updates as we push though the summer. But while you’re following our blogs religiously with yer damn Twitters, and facebooks, and RSS feeds, check out our fellow artists at Bad Soviet Habits and their blog. They’re going halfway ’round Prague with their play Heart of a Dog so keep tabs on them!

And check our their show at MOCT bar next week at Friday, May 21 @ 7:00PM, Admission is free so you’d be a sucker not to. I’ll be there this Friday and you should be too.

On a different topic, Evan Crain, the Youngblood resident Set Designer, has dropped off a couple of paintings that are against the wall of my apartment.

Perhaps they’ll be hanging on my my walls soon. This’ll make Andrew Voss happy with the lack of interior design at my place.

As you can see, it’s a pretty barren place.

And my sister graduated this past saturday from MIAD! Happy days. She’s a fellow BFAer.